To truly succeed with your data, it is important to select the right Master Data Management solution. But it is not the whole answer. Technology can only ever take you so far. In the end, it is always about the people.

  • Have you answered all the big questions relating to managing your data?
  • Have you ensured that you have somebody to go to when questions arise about the solution?
  • If your global marketing organisation is drowning in material, have you looked at alternative ways of coping with this? Could specialists free up your team's time?
  • Is your team trained in the solution?


Before investing in a Master Data Management solution, make sure that the vendor can offer the support you need. We place a lot of value on support, and think you deserve:

  • Focused, experienced support teams consisting of experienced professionals from around the world, each with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Support around the clock from a global support organisation that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using the 'follow-the-sun' principle.
  • Flexible support packages that match your particular needs and resources.
  • Value-added support services, where you can choose between a range of other service offerings, such as Oracle database administration, system health checks and infrastructure landscape reviews.


Welcome to the Academy at Stibo Systems, where we use world class learning methodology to build expertise in all aspects of the STEP solution.

  • As a customer, the Academy will train you to improve your user experiences, system and component knowledge, and best practices, which drive your business value
  • As a partner, the Academy will enable you to better meet the needs of our mutual customers, have more successful STEP Implementations, and build centers of excellence in the MDM space

Professional Services

Only when technology serves your people does it become a force for change in your business. That's why implementing Stibo Systems' Master Data Management solution STEP comes with the training, support and on-site specialists your organisation needs in order to deliver the goals of each project, however ambitious you make them.