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Managing the different data domains

The Next Generation of Product Information Management

Ventana Research benchmark report about the systems, practices, needs and potential benefits of PIM

Data Sheet

STEP for Multidomain MDM

An introduction to Multidomain Master Data Management, and how to approach it with a tool like STEP

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STEP for Product MDM

The ultimate customer experience begins with product data. Learn how to achieve it with STEP

Data Sheet

STEP for Supplier MDM

Building a better supply chain requires better collaboration. Learn the easiest route there - with supplier Master Data Management

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STEP for Employee MDM

Get to know your greatest asset – your workforce – through employee Master Data Management

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STEP for Asset MDM

Boosting your purchasing, distribution and inventory optimization - with MDM

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STEP for Reference MDM

The easy way to integrate, maintain, update and secure your reference data - with MDM

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STEP for Location MDM

How to effectively manage location data, to enhance the value of your other business data

On-demand webinar

Put MDM at the heart of your trusted 360 degree customer view

How to meet your new business demands by creating a 360 degree view of each of your customers

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Mastering your Customer Relationships

Using customer data to create the perfect customer experience across their buying journey

On-demand webinar

Mastering Customer Data and Controlling Business Destiny

Data-related challenges and strategies, and how you manage these with a customer-centric approach

White paper

Multidomain MDM: The Best Value For Your Business

A practical introduction to the implications and benefits of multidomain MDM - by Hub Designs


What is Product Information Management

A concise, visual overview of what Product Information Management actually is

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STEP for Customer MDM

How to stay in full control of all your B2C and B2B customer information in STEP
solution brief

The GDPR: What is it, who does it affect and how?

Non-compliance will be expensive. This is what you need to know to start protecting yourself
white paper

New EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A closer look at the GDPR is and what you need to do

How to prepare for GDPR: A five-step guide

If you need to protect yourself, we recommend you follow this plan to be on the safe side

The GDPR - How can Master Data Management help?

Connect the dots. Learn how to use MDM to solve the GDPR - and many other - data challenges

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How MDM helps empower GDPR compliance

Learn about the citizens' new rights, your main challenges, and how you can use Master Data Management to comply
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Digital Disruption for Product Information Management

How to use PIM to tackle the trends driving business transformation objectives amidst digital disruption

The STEP enterprise platform

STEP Trailblazer

Your comprehensive guide to the entire platform, complete with industry and domain solutions, features and benefits

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Data Quality

Poor data quality can have disastrous effects on the systems that consume it. STEP feeds your systems with accurate, complete and consistent data

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The ultimate way to get the most effect possible out of the Global Data Syndication Network (GDSN)

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STEP In-Memory Technology

The speed of your database can slow down your work. Discover how STEP uses in-memory technology so you don't have to wait for search results

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Data Governance

Seamlessly managing your organization's data requires a centralized approach. STEP is the tool that can do it for you. Here's an introduction…

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Matching and Linking Data

Resolve records from disparate systems and create 'Golden Records'. See how STEP ensures that critical business decisions are based on the best possible data

Solution brief

Product Lifecycle Manegement: SpirePLM™

Managing all your product's data in one place throughout its lifecycle - with an MDM solution

Solution brief

Adopting GS1 data standards to improve information exchange

Join the global supply chain and get all the benefits from adopting the GS1 standards - with the help of STEP
solution brief

Digital Asset Management

Learn how STEP combines DAM with the ability to accurately associate digital assets with products
solution brief

Information modelling

Learn how to use STEP to accurately map and tie together data from all your different systems
solution brief

Data Enrichment

How to enrich your data for complete customer views, and better decisions and risk management
solution brief

Data Stewardship

Learn how Data Stewards can implement data quality and governance strategies quickly and accurately
solution brief

Business Process Management

Easily use advanced workflows and business rules to efficiently create, implement, manage and analyse processes
solution brief

Data Maintenance

Learn how to simplify data maintenance across your organisation with a host of powerful and intuitive tools
solution brief

STEP Translation & Localisation

Learn how to save time and money by simplifying the workflow required to localise your centralised master data
solution brief

Supplier Item Onboarding

Learn how suppliers can easily add new or update existing item data through a web-based interface
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STEP Extension API

Optimizing STEP with the API, modifying things like how STEP sends and receives information, and even the Web UI
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Print Publisher

Learn how to easily reuse content, automate publication and improve collaboration between teams
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ERP Data Integration

How STEP integrates multiple systems and ensures information used by your ERP system is always accurate and current

Inspirational case studies

Case Study

Advance Auto Parts

Automotive aftermarket supplier improves data, reduces product returns and data entry costs, improves customer buying ability and buying time

Case Study

BlueLinx Corporation

Distributor of building products improves product data and data governance while setting themselves up for success with catalogs and ecommerce
Case Study

Online retailer with several million products reduces time it takes to introduce new categories, increases fulfilment rate and decreases order cancellation rate

Case Study

Brady Corporation

Manufacturer of ID and security solutions boosts product database productivity and catalog production while reducing time-to-market from a year to just days

Case Study


Industrial product distributor centralizes all data that feeds website and print production, while also enabling business intelligence software

Case Study

By Malene Birger

Danish fashion label manages seasonal collections and introduces new ones while supporting the company's digital transformation

Case Study

Colruyt Group

Retailer and wholesaler that uses MDM to heavily reduce communication costs and bring down the turnaround time from product development to campaign



An international distributor boosts online business with world-class product information

Case study


Read how the successful distributor expanded their business and product range whilst improving their data

Case Study


Speeding up product information translations by combining an MDM solution with translation software, rather than using inconsistent, manual methods
case study

Hach Company

How a manufacturer uses STEP as a trusted source of product data and also as their DAM solution
case study

Halyard Health

A medical technology company enhances their products with clean data and accurate digital assets

Case Study

Harbor Freight Tools

Catalog retailer that focused on product MDM, improved data governance and business processes, saving time in approvals, publishing and many other areas

Case Study


A global brand managing product information for more than 10,000 products in more than 40 languages

Case Study

Kraft Heinz

This food and beverage manufacturer eliminated all spreadsheets and loosely integrated applications, strengthening their relationships with customers and partners

Landal GreenParks

Learn how the Dutch holiday resort operator uses MDM to delight their customers by excelling at data

Case Study

Landal GreenParks

The Dutch vacation rentals operator used MDM to improve their marketing communication, opening the company up to international expansion and scalability

Case Study


IT and Marketing joins forces at European B2B distributor. Reduces time to market and clears the path for data governance focus

Case Study

Marks & Spencer

The British international multichannel retailer automated data entry and reduced errors, and can now manage detailed content for multiple websites

case study


How a leading automotive spare parts supplier stays ahead of competition with STEP

Case Study

Mitchells & Butlers

The UK's leading pub chain improved time-to-market as well as product data accuracy and validation by implementing MDM to manage retail products and menus

Case Study

Mountain Equipment Co-op

The outdoor equipment retailer decided to come to terms with their rapidly expanding product data
case study

Newark Electronics

How a distributor manages a 120,000 product catalogue and with product information from over 400 manufacturers
case study

Newell Brands

How a global marketer with a wide product range centralised their product data with golden records

Case Study

Office Depot

The business supplies and services provider slashed time-to-market and input errors by implementing an MDM solution
case study

Oriental Trading company

How an industry-leading retailer moved the management of product information from IT to the Business side
case study

Osram Opto Semiconductors

How one manufacturer moved away from traditional PIM and ecommerce to MDM for machinery and equipment

Case Study

Peak Performance

The fashion and lifestyle brand now handles seasonal collections - with regional and language version - in record time. Its catalogs are now produced in days instead of weeks

Case Study

Rituals Cosmetics

The fashion and lifestyle brand implemented an MDM solution to provide the crucial link between their product, customer, supplier, partner and employee data
case study


How a large, direct multichannel supplier implemented a business strategy for PIM and multi-channel publishing

Case Study


How a General Motors joint venture uses STEP to gain visibility and streamline their business processes

Case Study

Siemens Building Technologies

The designer and manufacturer now manages technical and commercial information quicker and more reliably across the globe

Case Study


The supplier of components to high-end bicycle manufacturers automated product data input, making life easier for both customers and marketing departments

Case Study

The Kellogg Company

The food and beverage manufacturer uses MDM for seamless brand experiences, quicker product introductions and providing a single, global version of the truth

Case Study

Tiger of Sweden

The Swedish fashion brand introduces complex seasonal collections quickly and accurately, protecting the brand across all channels
case study

W&W Cycles

How a worldwide Harley-Davidson parts supplier sucessfully centralised their data management

Case Study


The commercial vehicle spare parts wholesaler lets each customer find detailed product information with the help of product MDM
case study


How a leading distributor manages 500,000 product lines across 1,500 stores, multiple websites and catalogs

Case Study

ZF Services

One of the world's leading automotive aftermarket suppliers replaced 15 databases with one central hub of product data that contains several millions items

Data management in general

White paper

Digital Transformation - European Research

A pan-European study on key issues, regional differences, opportunities and challenges brought on by digital disruption

On-demand webinar

Master Data Management: Eight key things to get right

Learn the key considerations when creating an MDM strategy, and avoid the usual pitfalls

On-demand webinar

Embrace Digital Transformation in Three Steps

A step-by-step guide to becoming a digital enterprise - the benefits and the problems you will face

White Paper

Climb the Mountain of Your Data

How to tackle the increase in data volumes, the same way you would climb Mount Everest - a step by step guide


Why it's time to say goodbye to data silos

How to mitigate the risks associated with having data spread across systems, departments snd business units


10 Easy Steps to Data Governance

An quick walk-through of the steps you need to take to be successful with Data Governance

On-demand Webinar

MDM success - why do you need data governance?

What is data governance? Do you really need it in your MDM solution? And what does data governance for master data look like?


What is Master Data Management?

A concise, visual overview of what is involved in Master Data Management, and what is at stake

On-demand webinar

What will MDM look like in 2020?

What will Master Data Management look like in 2020? How will this affect you?
On-demand webinar

Data Governance - succeed with MDM

A data governance expert walks you through how to implement data governance as part of your master data project
on-demand webinar

Revisiting Gartner’s Seven Building Blocks of MDM: A Framework for Success

Fully understand the concept of Master Data Management and maximise your chances of success

Managing data in your industry

Industry Brief

How new EU legislation will affect you

Medical device manufacturers, distributors and healthcare providers are subject to an extraordinary level of scrutiny. Complying with legislation is costly for businesses, but it cannot be a box-ticking exercise


Medical Device Infographic

See at a glance an overview of the medical devices industry’s UDI and traceability challenges, and learn how Master Data Management can support meeting these requirements, data governance and more

On-demand webinar

Fashion & Lifestyle - a full cycle approach

Best practices for fashion and lifestyle companies in managing data from concept, design, suppliers, through to consumers

Solution Brief

STEP for Automotive

An intro to the most effective way to manage large amounts of data from automotive suppliers, distributors, partners and customers

Solution Brief

STEP for Grocery

An intro to the most effective way for grocers to manage large amounts of accurate, consistent and up-to-date data

Solution brief

Minimize shopping cart abandonment with data

A practical guide to how you as a retailer can massively increase your conversion rates (and you can do it with data)

Solution brief

EU food labelling legislation — implications and what you need to do

What you need to know and do to prepare for the EU labelling of allergy and nutritional information regulations for food packaging

White Paper

Sweeten the pill: compliance as a first step in a data health check for life sciences

Explore how data governance and MDM supports digital transformation, regulations, big data, counterfeiting, clinical trials and more

Solution brief

Pharmaceutical– Information management for compliance and consistency

Find out how mastering your data supports clinical trials data, counterfeiting, traceability and more


Data management solutions for the automotive industry

A simple, visual explanation of how Stibo Systems helps leading automotive companies with data management
white paper

Long Tail – The Short Story on How to Sell More, Faster

Overcoming the challenges and enjoying the benefits of a long tail selling - through MDM
solution brief

STEP for the Electrical Industry

How manufacturers and distributors of electrical goods have total control of their data in a central hub


Medical Devices - Countdown to UDI compliance

Learn how you as a Medical Device manufacturer can comply with these regulations through MDM
white paper

Medical Devices - Compliance and beyond

How to track devices from manufacture to disposal, and adapt to new business models and technologies

Medical Devices - STEP is key to compliance

Get a quick one-page summary of how STEP helps you becoming UDI compliant
solution brief

STEP for Retail

Learn how to use STEP to give your customers a consistent omnichannel shopping experience
solution brief

STEP for Pharmaceutical

Learn how you in a tightly regulated industry can turn data challenges into competitive advantages
solution brief


Learn how to consistently publish accurate product information, labelling data and digital assets
solution brief

STEP for Financial Services

Gaining the information edge in the challenging financial services industry, with Master Data Management
solution brief

STEP for Insurance

Using data to handle disruption and compliance in the rapidly evolving insurance industry


A brief overview of the challenges tackled by STEP. Read the solution brief for the full picture.


Examine how you manage information now and ways that will need to change

5 Critical factors for D2C success

Learn where to start and what the main considerations are when marketing direct to your consumers

Investing in Master Data Management


Building the business case for Master Data Management

This is your ultimate guide to how you 'sell it' to the organization. Identifying the stakeholders and tackling the different parts your business case needs


Build vs. Buy

A framework to help you answer the age-old question of whether or not to build your solution in-house


How You Know if Your Organization Needs MDM

An easy-to-use checklist of the considerations involved in making the decision
on-demand webinar

How to Justify a Digital Transformation Using MDM

How to get decision-makers onboard with using MDM to achieve a digital transformation of your organization