Service offerings across the Telecommunications industry such as fixed landline and wireless networks for voice, data and video, experience various rates of growth, use particular technologies, and comply with unique investment and regulatory requirements.

These differences have led companies toward operational fragmentation into separate lines of business. While this fragmentation of the industry may function today, there are benefits to operating, understanding and communicating with your customers across these lines of business.

Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, STEP, provides you with a central location to understand your data in its entirety while allowing you to simultaneously maintain the advantages of operational fragmentation. STEP also enables cross-departmental sharing to create and effectively market your products to the correct channels.


Affect your customer reach

Your customers are constantly bombarded by advertising and marketing campaigns. STEP allows you to grab meaningful attention from your customers, enabling communication that resonates with them.

  • Target relevant communications using the appropriate channels
  • Create promotions for customers based on behavior across lines of business
  • Interact with customers using one voice in customer service, billing and new business acquisition

Improve operational efficiency

Data from different sources within your enterprise can create inaccuracies and duplication, leaving room for error when operating across lines of business. STEP empowers you to:

  • Monitor and manage data from every business line
  • Combine duplicate information and promote the most accurate consolidated data
  • Create business rules and workflows to minimize error
  • Bundle services for promotions and market them across multiple channels


Increase satisfaction

With fierce competition in the industry, ensuring that your customers are satisfied is important since they can easily switch providers if they have a bad experience. STEP improves customer satisfaction through:

  • Customer insights delivered to point-of-sale systems for personalized interaction
  • Improved customer service with complete and accurate customer information
  • Consistent customer information across all business units to track their history