With ever-increasing scrutiny to prove compliance for your products, having accurate data is critical. Regrettably, much of your data can be stored in multiple locations and systems. Without clean, up-to-date data, communicating accurate and complete product information can be difficult and may expose you to unnecessary risk.

Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, STEP, creates a central repository for all your data by accurately integrating and linking information from multiple systems to ultimately provide you with a trusted source of data.


Rely on a single, central repository

Working with data stored in multiple locations can be time-consuming, costly and risky. By gathering and integrating internal and external critical data to a single location, STEP lets you:

  • Reduce the risk of data inconsistency
  • Ensure uniform marketing, packaging and labeling data
  • Approve content from a single location

Ensure compliance

Ensuring information accuracy is critical to meeting compliance requirements. With STEP you can develop complex information management processes and produce necessary documentation by:

  • Setting up workflows to review information
  • Creating audit trails that record changes and accurate reports
  • Easily assembling and submitting evidence of compliance
  • Establishing user roles and privileges to ensure data is only accessed by authorized parties


Enhanced security

Without secure and role-based product information, unauthorized changes to data could happen at any time. To avoid these scenarios, STEP provides you with:

  • Customizable user access roles and privileges to meet the specific needs of your organization
  • Enforcing policies that create accountability for data creation and changes


Reduce risks

In the event of major issues, such as announcing product recalls, having access to fast and accurate information is critical. STEP allows you to handle these events by:

  • Ensuring full, seamless traceability for all your core business information
  • Managing and updating information appropriately across all channels to limit impact on your brand and customer loyalty

Gain visibility across your organization

STEP provides you with necessary visibility, from suppliers to finished and delivered products in the hands of your customers.

  • Customizable dashboards and reports allow you to keep track of the data that's pivotal to your business operations


Enrich your products

Customers today expect rich experiences across all channels.

  • Easily link data with digital assets to provide highly personalized content
  • Use STEP’s localization tools to deliver accurate and relevant information for your global partners and customers

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