Shifting trends and unpredictability have always been a part of fashion. But today you may also face growing competition across borders, an increasing number of new sales channels and consumers with increasing demands for product availability and brand consistency.

Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management solution, STEP, helps solve these issues by gathering, managing and sharing vital master data about products, customers, suppliers, locations and assets across your entire organization.


Express your brand consistently

Today’s consumers have come to expect a seamless brand experience, whether they are in your store, browsing your ecommerce site, viewing your catalog, or interacting with your customer representatives. The STEP platform streamlines your physical and digital channels, allowing you to:

  • Create a single version of truth for all of your data
  • Synchronize all internal and external systems, ensuring data is correct
  • Create consistent omnichannel retail experiences

Launch products faster

Increase revenue by launching your latest designs faster than your competition. STEP helps you on-board new products, bundles and services rapidly through:

  • Automated on-boarding tools that reduce manual effort and ensure consistency
  • Streamlined business processes and transparency
  • Improved overall data quality, governance and traceability


Take control of your digital assets

STEP’s built-in digital asset management capabilities provide a single shared repository for all your files, including photos, videos, music, PDFs, Word documents and more.

  • Directly reference assets to products, services, locations and other entities
  • One file for all channels, with automatic conversions to channel-specific formats
  • Easily deliver rich content and related assets to online and offline channels


End-to-end product management

Manage all the key data of your products from ideation all the way through production and into sales.


Boost average order values

Boost sales by creating product hierarchies and linking associated products to support cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, as well as 'shop the look' functionality. STEP also helps you to launch targeted and timely promotions.


Minimize product returns

Inaccurate or incomplete product information often leads to customer dissatisfaction, which affects your profits through product returns. STEP helps fashion and lifestyle retailers reduce these kinds of returns by gathering, managing, publishing and sharing product information throughout your enterprise and across your supply chain.


Support international expansion

Meet the global business requirements for language and other localization necessities such as currency and unit measures to expand your brand into new countries. STEP helps you launch targeted multilingual promotions based on key demographics and regions without creating data silos.


Benefit from a single platform

STEP is the only Master Data Management solution that supports multiple data domains on a single technology platform. Further increase the value of centralized product data by linking it with other key business information such as Customer, Supplier, Employee or Location data.

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