Whether you are an automobile manufacturer, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or an aftermarket parts supplier, you’re dealing with vast numbers of parts for many different vehicles and brands. Most of this data is typically stored and managed by different systems and departments, which can result in data inconsistencies and produces errors.

Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, STEP, creates a central repository for all of your data, provides needed governance to ensure data quality and accurately links enterprise data to give you information that you can trust.

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A single, consistent view
of all your data

Working without centralized product, distributor and customer information reduces productivity, increases costs and leaves you vulnerable to errors. By gathering and integrating both internal and external enterprise data to a single location, STEP lets you:

  • Improve productivity through efficient use of resources
  • Reduce the risk of data inconsistencies
  • Consistently provide accurate and up-to-date content to all channels
  • Provide uniform branding

Launch products faster

Reducing time-to-market requires efficient and accurate data management in order to support your products, from creation to launch. STEP, allows you to:

  • Easily on-board data from multiple systems
  • Handle versioning, attributes and hierarchies
  • Streamline operational models to share more accurate and secure information
  • Take advantage of workflows and automation tools to enhance product creation and management


Reduce risks and ensure compliance

Adhering to industry standards streamlines your operations and improves collaboration with your business partners. In the event of major issues, such as announcing product recalls, having access to fast and accurate information is critical. STEP provides you with the tools to overcome these situations by:

  • Managing and updating information appropriately across all channels limiting impact on your brand and customer loyalty while also reducing costs
  • Providing traceability and change history for all your enterprise data
  • Easily incorporating and complying with industry standards such as PIES, ACES, TecDoC and NAPA


Enrich your products

Delivering accurate and consistent information about your products to distributors and customers is not only beneficial, it is expected. Furthermore, you need to provide useful and relevant information to your global audience. Using STEP, you can:

  • Easily link data with digital assets to provide highly personalized content
  • Use STEP’s localization tools to deliver accurate and relevant information for your global partners and customers

Gain visibility across your organization

STEP provides you with necessary visibility, from operational information to customer data. To easily keep track of all this information, STEP helps you by:

  • Providing customizable dashboards and reports to allow you to keep track of data pivotal for your business operations
  • Creating and maintaining accurate, timely and rich single views of customers across all channels and lines of business
  • Improving inventory for casting based on accurate analysis and reports

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