The evidence-based approach to sales and marketing has required you to shift from a focus on products to cost-conscious disease management across a range of products and services. It has also required a shift to delivering product bundles that include prescriptions, diagnosis devices, compliance monitoring and home delivery.

Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management solution, STEP, centralizes product descriptions, attributes and digital assets, managing how they are assigned to providers and customers.

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Transform your sales and marketing efforts

STEP can consolidate your digital marketing information across your vendors and new acquisitions, and integrate with different channels, including consumers, distributors and payers. Easily manage:

  • Marketing contracts and incentives
  • Sales literature and targeted campaigns
  • Product samples and educational disease management content

Assemble bundled offerings

Create bundled offerings to demonstrate cost savings and consolidated disease management to providers and payers. STEP supports the management and description of the following to support improvement outcomes:

  • Bundled drug offerings
  • Diagnosis devices
  • Consolidated service offerings


Improve product safety and regulatory compliance

By centralizing your most critical data and applying processes that keep it accurate and up-to-date, STEP can help you meet numerous industry regulations and ensure that your products are safe and secure.


All your data in one place

STEP easily integrates with critical upstream and downstream systems to synchronize detailed product information, including CRM, CMS, R&D and other clinical systems. With STEP you can quickly integrate and cleanse data from newly acquired business lines.


Benefit from a single platform

STEP is the only Master Data Management solution that supports multiple data domains on a single technology platform. Increase the value of your product, sales and marketing data by linking it with other key business information such as Customer, Physical Asset, Supplier, Location or Employee data.

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STEP for Pharmaceutical

Learn how you in a tightly regulated industry can turn data challenges into competitive advantages