With increasing demands to reduce time-to-market while at the same time keeping up with suppliers, distributors and end users, you can find that your growing business data works against you rather than for you. Without clean, up-to-date data, overcoming these challenges becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, STEP, creates a central repository for all your data by integrating information from multiple systems and accurately linking enterprise data to ultimately provide you with a single version of the truth.


Rely on a single, central repository

Working with data stored in multiple, different locations can be time consuming, costly and risky. By gathering and integrating internal and external critical data to a single location, STEP lets you:

  • Reduce maintenance
  • Provide for uniform branding
  • Ensure proper versioning
  • Reduce the risk of data discrepancies
  • Improve team collaboration by providing access to comprehensive information

Reduce time-to-market

Bringing products to market faster requires efficient product creation and management throughout their lifecycles. With STEP, you can:

  • Easily on-board data from multiple systems
  • Handle hierarchies, attributes and versioning
  • Quickly publish information to necessary channels


Gain visibility across your organization

STEP provides you with necessary visibility, from raw materials and parts to finished products and customer data. To easily keep track of all this information STEP provides you with:

  • Customizable dashboards and reports that allow you to keep track of the data that's pivotal for your business operations


Enrich your products

Customers today expect rich experiences across all channels.

  • Easily link data with digital assets to provide highly personalized content
  • Use STEP’s localization tools to deliver accurate and relevant information for your global partners and customers

Reduce risks

In the event of major issues, such as announcing product recalls, having access to fast and accurate information is critical. STEP allows you to handle these events by:

  • Ensuring full, seamless traceability for all your core business information
  • Managing and updating information appropriately across all channels limiting impact on your brand and customer loyalty


Ensure compliance

Adapt to increasing and changing compliance requirements.

  • Ensure compliance through comprehensive data governance, including audit trails and reports

A quick video intro to MDM for manufacturers


Dive Deeper

Case Study

Brady Corporation

Manufacturer of ID and security solutions boosts product database productivity and catalog production while reducing time-to-market from a year to just days.

Case Study


Speeding up product information translations by combining an MDM solution with translation software, rather than using inconsistent, manual methods.

Case Study

The Kellogg Company

The food and beverage manufacturer uses MDM for seamless brand experiences, quicker product introductions and providing a single, global version of the truth.

Case Study

Kraft Heinz

This food and beverage manufacturer eliminated all spreadsheets and loosely integrated applications, strengthening their relationships with customers and partners.

Case Study

Peak Performance

The fashion and lifestyle brand now handles seasonal collections - with regional and language version - in record time. Its catalogs are now produced in days instead of weeks.

Case Study

Siemens Building Technologies

The designer and manufacturer now manages technical and commercial information quicker and more reliably across the globe.

Case Study


The supplier of components to high-end bicycle manufacturers automated product data input, making life easier for both customers and marketing departments.